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FKA Twigs at The Westway

Last fall, Grimes wrote a blog post about FKA Twigs and how much she liked Papi Pacify. She also said:

it also feels like, explicitly ‘internet’ music. i dont really know how this could be done live, but i really like that about it. i hate thinking when im making something like ‘how am i gonna do this live??’ i mean im sure she’ll find a way and im sure it’ll be awesome but i like how compared to most music happening right now this seems really intentionally about the experience ofthis particular recording of it rather than selling tickets to some future live shows or whatever.

Well, Twigs figured something out out and it was awesome. She was accompanied by three musicians, who – aside from a lone guitar – all worked on various drum pads like this one. For one, this visualized well how much her music evolves around beats. Also, by avoiding having some producer guy hunched over a table full of electronics, she put herself front and center into her music.

She played nine songs, three of them from her EP2. The rest, I don’t know: she has a hang to untitled tracks and I couldn’t get hold of EP1 so far (it’s out there, but I don’t do unauthorized downloads). Some of them are presumably going to her first album, which I hope will be released later this year.

Twigs is a dancer as much as a musician – in fact, she let the audience know, she had been at The Westway before as a dancer and “people talked straight through it”. This time, I doubt anybody in the audience could take their eyes off her: her stage presence is mesmerizing.

After the show, I expected her to vanish into thin air, compliant with her elusive Internet persona, but she stuck around at the bar, had a drink and chatted and posed with fans. I’m sure she’ll be back soon – then in a much bigger venue.

FKA Twigs at The Westway: A candidate for the best live show of the year.

FKA Twigs at The Westway: A candidate for the best live show of the year.

I start missing her! Hopefully her new album nears completion.

I start missing her! Hopefully her new album nears completion.

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Xeno & Oaklander - Interface

I’ve almost saw them live once: Laurel Halo opened for them, but then it was too late. Well, I like this song a lot.

This is actually very good.

EMA at Union Pool

I hope this is becoming a tradition for out-of-town bands: performing a one-off warm-up show at Union Pool, a beautiful, tiny venue around the corner from where we live. It’s difficult to score tickets, of course, but this time we fulfilled the quest we were asked for: buying EMA’s new record at a real record store.

EMA manages to be lovable and charismatic and at the same time weird and full of dark thoughts. The main topic of her new record revolves about disorientation in the Internet age and her music reflects that: a wild mixture of electronics, guitars and even a violin.

Later this month she goes on tour in North America. Don’t miss it!


Warpaint is back with a video for two album cuts, “Disco//Very” and ”Keep It Healthy.” The video, directed by cinematographer and skateboard master Laban Pheidias, not surprisingly features L.A. skateboarders amongst the gals of Warpaint.

Warpaint SXSW showcase at Maggie Mae’s

A small venue, a spot directly at the stage: this could have been the best show ever, if it hadn’t been shortened to just four songs, after it was delayed and then hit the Austin curfew. But it was also an opportunity for Warpaint to show rock’n’roll spirit: they refused to go early and still played Elephants, while the house shut down one instrument after the other.

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