It’s good that this song is less than three minutes – so you don’t have to hold your breath too long.

Williamsburg Bridge #nyc #brooklyn

Williamsburg Bridge #nyc #brooklyn

Interview with Theresa from Warpaint


  • Did you come from a musical family? Were your parents musical?

Yeah, my dad was always playing guitar and singing. Him and my mom would sing us songs before bed… really great folk songs like “Pretty Peggy-O” and “The Water is Wide” and “Danny Boy” and “Freight “Train”… Even though we were didn’t have much money, they made it a point to buy a piano and my mom taught me how to read music when i was 8.

  • What was your first musical memory?

Like I was saying before, my mom and dad playing music to my sister and I before bed… I must’ve been 4 or 5. Those were very profound moments and my earliest encounters with the idea that myself or someone I know could play music. It felt so cozy and special and like there was nothing more soothing in the world.

  • What was the first album you bought?

Van Morrison “Moondance” and Al Green “I’m Still In Love With You”.

  • How did Warpaint come together?

We were all friends, living in LA and playing music individually and just decided that we should try playing together.

  • What’s your creative approach when songwriting?

Jammin’… just letting it fly!

  • What was the first track written for the album Warpaint?

The song called “Hi.”

  • Warpaint tours a ton. What have been some of your strangest moments on the road? 

It’s been strange the whole way. Touring is like that movie ‘Groundhog Day’… same day over and over. The backdrop is changing, but the routine is the same.

  • You put on an amazing live show. How do you create your setlists?

We fight it out in a ring… last one standing gets to make the call… and the other 3 lay dead and bloodied on the floor.

  • You’re playing Utopiafest this year. What are you most looking forward to about the fest?


  • Do you have a quote or motto that you live by?

No, but if i did it would have to do with personal freedom and the value of self expression and joy and gratitude and being kind and compassionate and living every day like there’s no tomorrow, but also caring for the future and the environment!

  • What advice would you give to musicians just starting out?

Trust in your ‘voice’ and do it with passion.

I hope there’ll be an opportunity to hang out with Theresa again for a bit.

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Mucho amor para mi bebecita que la hacen sufris los conshesumadres. 


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Grimes interviewed by the New York Times:

She recently underwent media training to learn “how to stop saying stupid things so I stop having all these constant dramas,” Boucher says. “But I didn’t really learn anything.”

It’s important that she doesn’t learn how to deal with the public in a slick and professional way.


What a wonderful day! (at Lefrak Point Lighthouse)

What a wonderful day! (at Lefrak Point Lighthouse)

BANKS live at Rough Trade

Banks released her album on September 9th and she chose to celebrate this event at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, half-way between her home in L.A. and London, the place where her career started. The price: buying one album per person (which means we have now three of them, but Christmas is around the corner, so that’s ok).

Rough Trade has a beautiful stage, much smaller than Terminal 5 where she plays on September 30. In fact, this may have been the last chance to see her in an intimate setting, which suits her well as an artist who seeks a personal connection to her audience. She treated us like a group of friends, selected to celebrate a special moment with her.

She played a short set of five songs (my favorite Waiting Game was not among them) in special, kind of acoustic, versions: a deliberate choice, as she was accompanied by the same two-piece band like in her bigger shows. Typically, I’m not a fan of of such things, but for some reason it worked very well that night.

How does Banks compare to a FKA twigs show? First, nothing really compares to a twigs show, but then Banks takes more the position of a classic jazz singer, who puts the delivery of the song front and center. And she does this with sometimes almost unbearable intensity: the closer, Brain, gave me the shivers.

The Harlem Meer at the north end of Central Park #nyc #centralpark #sunset (at Harlem Meer Central Park North 110Th St)

The Harlem Meer at the north end of Central Park #nyc #centralpark #sunset (at Harlem Meer Central Park North 110Th St)

This the line for @hernameisbanks signing records.  (at Rough Trade NYC)

This the line for @hernameisbanks signing records. (at Rough Trade NYC)


Pan Am Building

I wish it was still the Pan Am building.


Pan Am Building

I wish it was still the Pan Am building.

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A dark, slow instrumental by Sinah.

That&#8217;s the sunset right now. It hardly gets more beautiful.

That’s the sunset right now. It hardly gets more beautiful.

I'm In Love - Premiere on P1

There’s a lot going on in this fantastic new track by Zhala, who opened for Robyn and Röyksopp.

Lowell at Mercury Lounge

Lowell does loud, bold and crazy electro pop with layered vocals like chants of a cheerleader squad. I’ve been following her for a while and she was one of the artists I wanted to see in Austin this spring. But then, for some reason, her performance didn’t do it for me and I was relieved when she told us on Thursday that this was one of the worst shows in her memory. Good to know, because that night, she was awesome on stage.

Mercury had a busy schedule that Thursday: five bands crammed into three sessions. Lowell had the first slot and took the stage at 7 pm in a self-made dress and with the signature glitter in her face. Typically she has a three piece backing band, but for this tour she’s accompanied only by a single musician, which worked very well. He mostly played the guitar and took care of the laptop, giving her freedom to move. Together they worked a couple of keyboards nicely decorated with floating lights. It was a very charming performance. Lowell gives the impression that she has little idea what’s she’s doing, but watching her, it becomes quickly clear that she’s a seasoned pro at 23 years: if found it quite fascinating how she sang, played keyboards and guitar and danced barefoot over the crammed stage and into the audience without stumbling or tangling the cable of her mic.

Lowell’s new album We Loved Her Dearly is out on September 16th.

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by Aphex Twin

I wasn’t sure what all the fuss is about, but this Aphex Twin track is really good!

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